Prayer Events 

As well as being a key part of our Sunday services there are plenty of other opportunities to meet to pray together.

Sunday Mornings:

We meet at 9.30am on Sunday morning to pray for the Church service and for the activities of the day. We're always keen to have more people join us for this time as we believe it is an important part of our regular Sunday worship.

Monday Mornings:

A group meets at 9.30am on Monday mornings in the Church lounge to pray for situations and needs affecting individuals in the Church family and people living locally. Anyone is welcome to ask for prayer, either come along in person, or get in touch with your prayer request.

Church Family Prayer Meeting:

The whole Church family meets monthly, usually on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm for a time of worship and to pray about current issues affecting the Church. This is also an opportunity to ask God to show us His plan for the way forward for Barnwell Baptist Church. Please look at the Church calendar for the next Church prayer meeting.

Abbey Prayer:

We believe there’s something very important about Christians from different churches uniting in prayer about things that concern and affect us all.

On the 3rd Sunday of the month we host a meeting at 7pm to pray for the needs in our community. This is an opportunity to join with people from different churches in the Abbey Ward and others living locally to pray about current community issues. Please look at the Church calendar for the next Abbey Prayer meeting.

36 Hours of Prayers:

This is an annual event, usually held at the beginning of September. It’s a special focussed time of prayer. We create a prayer room with a variety of different prayer stations and helpful guidance to help you spend time in God’s presence and inspire you to pray. Anyone can pre-book a one or two hour ‘slot’ during the 36 hours of prayer. You can come along on your own, or some people choose to come with a friend or as a family. There are always plenty of stories of how significant and special these times are for those that spend time in the prayer room. Please check the Church calendar for the next 36 hours of prayer.