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Thursday 30 June
7:30pmSmall Group 2 @ TBC
7:30pmSmall Group 3 @ Mark & Barbara's
7:30pmSmall Group 4 @ Tony & Helen's
Saturday 2 July
10:30amCreative Arts Cafe @ Barnwell Baptist Church
Sunday 3 July
9:30amPre-service Prayer Time @ Barnwell Baptist Church
10:30amSunday Morning Service @ Barnwell Baptist Church
4:00pmPre-service Prayer Time @ Barnwell Baptist Church
5:00pmSunday Afternoon Service @ Barnwell Baptist Church
Monday 4 July
10:00amWeekly Prayer Meeting @ Barnwell Baptist Church
2:00pmGolden Years @ Barnwell Baptist Church
Tuesday 5 July
10:00amForever Active @ Barnwell Baptist Church
Wednesday 6 July
6:30pmFood Cycle @ Barnwell Baptist Church
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Thank you for visiting our website.We hope you are able to find what you are looking for - if not then do get in touch.

And if you like what you see, then why not come and visit us? We are situated in the Abbey ward of Cambridge, in the North-East part of the city - you'll be afforded a warm and friendly welcome.

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Just 10
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 Poem of the Moment 

Your Touch

Lord, I’m utterly astounded,
completely confounded
as Your plan for me
in my life I see
like a beautiful flower unfold;
and as the sun fills a summer day,
so I’m filled with joy at Your wondrous Way.
Lord, I just stand and stare
at such love and care
as You time with precision
each minute decision –
I can only in wonder behold;
and as the dry earth is restored by the shower,
so my faith is renewed by Your work of power.
Lord, my heart stirs with praise,
my thanksgiving I raise:
as You weave my life’s story,
I give You the glory
for You are more precious than gold;
and as the rainbow traces hope in skies grey,
so the touch of Your Hand transforms every day.

© Helen M Seeley
 Sunday Services at Barnwell 
10:30am Sunday 3 July, Barnwell Baptist Church
Sunday Morning Service
Sermon: "Take God Seriously" / Preacher: Stuart Wood / Series: "Just 10"
5:00pm Sunday 3 July, Barnwell Baptist Church
Sunday Afternoon Service
Sermon: "Take God Seriously" / Preacher: Stuart Wood / Series: "Just 10"
10:30am Sunday 10 July, Barnwell Baptist Church
Sunday Morning Service
Sermon: "Know the Real God" / Preacher: Stuart Wood / Series: "Just 10"
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